Sometimes you need a notary now, not later. This is where Insta-Notary comes in. Insta-Notary is a Website and app that allows you to find and book a notary with one click of a button. Insta-Notary is convenient and available when YOU need it. 24/7

InstaNotary’s premier signing services show a dedication to accuracy and timeliness. InstaNotary’s notaries are certified and devoted to cutting no corners and making sure every possibly contingency is covered. You get unrivaled customer service, the most practical applications of top of the line technology, and high end quality control that places InstaNotary at the top. You can even access our services from any location, at any time, through your mobile device, mobile phone, laptop, and more!

We swiftly track down and locate a local certified signing agent. You’ll be able to immediately access these professionals in your vicinity, and they will process your needs professionally and quickly. Within moments of placing your order, your Notary will be found and an appointment made. We’re here for you when you need us, and we make full use of our expansive Notary and Attorney Directory, eliminating the wait and hassle associated with other Notary services.

An end to the ‘middle man’
  • Instant Appointment scheduling with live-time Online Tracking & Alerts
  • You will know everything about your designated notary, their location and availability!
  • Enjoy only the best, browsing by service ratings, reviews, and the specialties of each Notary.