Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Q. Does InstaNotary provide certfication?

A. InstaNotary is not a provider of certification services, but rather a source that connects businesses, consumers, and individuals with top-­‐rated and trusted Notaries in their area.

Q. How can I be sure InstaNotary is the service for me?

A. Our main priority is to ensure Notary needs in a timely, convenient and safe manner. Our focus is to help each Notary build their clientele, and earn business without a middle man.

Q. How much are your services, and how much out-­‐of-­‐pocket expense comes with using InstaNotary?

A. We offer two services, Real Estate and Stamp(s). These services covers all aspects of documents which needs to be notarized. There's also a "Lead Generation Fee" which is deducted per transaction.

Real Estate has a flat rate of $300.00. This plan is specifically related to any and all Real Estate documents i.e. home owners, realtors, modifications etc. InstaNotary deducts a $15.00 "Lead Generation Fee" per transaction.

Stamp(s) has a initial trip fee of $60.00 and $10.00 per notarized page. This plan covers any and all documentation which needs to be notaries excluding Real Estate. InstaNotary deducts a $5.00 "Lead Generation Fee" per transaction.

Q. What kind of payment methods does InstaNotary accept?

A. InstaNotary accepts PayPal and all major credit cards.

Q. How can I ensure that both my appointed Notary an I can exchange documents in a timely fashion?

A. We have set up our delivery system using only the most secure, effective and efficient means in the industry, which ensures that shipping, uploading and e-­‐mailing documents can be done safely, securely and at your convenience.

Q. What if I am not present at the registered address on my profile, will I be able to accept appointments elsewhere?

A. You can update your current location anytime in your profile settings that will allow you to be visible to anyone searching in your current location.

Q. How does the tracking procedure work?

A. The Tracking procedure is manually updated by assigned Notary during the appointment process.

Q. What does my InstaNotary membership consist of?

A. The annual membership fee gives you the ability to advertise yourself, accept appointment bookings, provides a client journal, and keeps track of every transaction completed.